Saturday, February 28, 2009

One Night In February

We had a marvelous time at our last Girls In Stitches night. There were some new faces and a couple from our old group as well. The snacks definitely took a back seat this time, with just a few passers by grabbing at the edibles available in the kitchen. It was mostly down to business and business it was. Amber (and Madison) guided the apron makers through the steps to complete their projects. The adorable fabrics and creative pockets were adapted to the recipients of each apron. It was fun to see how quickly people caught on and took off with their aprons.

There were other projects in the works as well. Amber Hunter started on a pair of mini Mary Jane's, I got a little stuffed bunny cut out and Bobbie Jo was able to get some tedious ironing done. Kris even set us up with some music while we worked.

One thing that is happening with our group is a transition to a mother/daughter type fellowship. Amber often brings Madison and that has always been enjoyable to hear her take on things and watch her get creative with the scraps we leave around us. She now has her own little machine and does a few projects on her own. Last month Karin brought her daughter as well and this month my friend Gabrielle brought two of her girls. Gabrielle had expressed to me that she was looking for something like our gathering so that she could spend some quality time with her girls, learning something valuable and productive. I had always thought of our Sewing Parties and Girls In Stitches nights as a time to get away from the kids, but I am seeing such value in the way the younger girls are catching on and bringing such fresh thoughts and ideas to our gatherings. Even as a mother of only boys I am touched and really gratified in seeing their joy in accomplishing things with their mothers. I had that growing up. I have fond memories of going with my mom to the "Sewing" at church. I loved sitting with the women around the quilt frame and listening to them, sometimes making a few stitches of my own and just enjoying the security and camaraderie of like minded women. I hope that as our Girls In Stitches evolves we can offer that same warmth and wisdom to the young girls who join us. God bless our daughters.

I do want to post one picture which I snatched from Amy's blog. She finished an apron, and it turned out so cute. Here is one of the things we accomplished on Thursday:


Christy said...

I have every confidence that your gathering will be all that you hope for the daughters. It's vital to bring them up in the warmth and community of other caring, Godly women.

Traci said...

Sounds like a wonderful night!

Amy said...

Well, I had a blast. My mind was a-whirl afterwards with things to make but it's so much more difficult to get the sewing machine out once I get home. I'm planning on bringing Chloe next time. I'm pretty sure she won't let me leave the house without her. :)